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Crafts from ribbons: from romantic bows to exquisite embroidered paintings (24 photos)


The main feature of the tapes is that novice masters do not require the use of special materials and skills to create cute and interesting crafts. Moreover, the ribbons are ideally combined with other decorative elements - beads, beads. You can start to create with simple forms, gradually increasing the skill and ability.



DIY handicrafts are unique products that not only convey the mood of the needlewoman, but also show her craftsmanship and artistic taste. And the applications of tapes are great. For starters, you can try to collect a bow - the most common and popular form.

Will there be a place for exquisite and delicate bows in the modern world, where strict style and business attire prevail, and romanticism is forgotten little by little and goes into the shadows? However, looking around, you notice bows in patterns and details: on holiday packages, on touching tails and pigtails of girls, on decorations of wedding tables. Any bow differs in tenderness and beauty of smooth lines. And what could be more elegant than lush white bows on neat hairstyles of little schoolgirls? How to make holiday bows on your own? Simple enough, if you follow the instructions.



Materials and tools for a pair of bows:

  • 2 meters of a kapron tape 8 cm wide;
  • 1-2 meters of satin ribbon width of 5 cm;
  • 3-4 meters of the narrowest satin ribbon (about 3 mm);
  • lighter or candle, needle and thread;
  • scissors and 2 hair ties.

The nylon ribbon is cut into 50 cm lengths (four parts are obtained), and the wide satin ribbon is cut into four lengths of 30 cm. The ends of the ribbons are melted at once.

Two kapron strips are assembled along the length of a thread. The stitches are made in the middle of the segments, keeping a distance of 0.5 cm. The threads are tightened. Assembly is fixed knot. It turns out two "balloon".



The ends of a wide satin ribbon fold over the center with an overlap (about 1 cm) and sew with small stitches. The thread is tightened, wrapped around the middle several times and secured in a knot. In this way all four satin bows are formed. Be sure to ensure that the shiny side of the tape was on the outside. They form a cross two bows and stitched in the center.

Final assembly: on the satin crossed bows they put a nylon circle with eyelets and attach the ball, assembled first, from above. Details can be glued together with a thermogun, but it is safer to sew with threads. An elastic band is sewn to the lower satin bows.

You can elegantly decorate gift wrapping with similar small crafts in the form of bows. Bows of satin and glittering ribbons are always a great decoration for Christmas trees, bouquets.



Soft jewelry

Boho-style fabric brooches are gathered from delicate flowers and buds. These light, airy and beautiful crafts perfectly complement the spring and summer outfits. The decorations harmoniously emphasize the naturalness of the wardrobe from linen or cotton. Creative denim flowers will look stylish on youth bright clothes. It is remarkable that for crafts you can use both silk ribbons and strips of fabric.



It will take:

  • three multi-colored stripes of fabric about 3-4 cm wide and up to 30 cm long;
  • felt pins and pins for brooches;
  • lace braid, beads, beads, silk ribbons;
  • heat gun.

A strip of fabric is folded along the long side in sections. One end is tied into a neat tight knot. The tape is twisted into a bundle, starting from the bundle. The coil is gradually wound. It creates a circle, which is fixed with needles-pins. As the circle increases, the pins perekalyvayutsya. Flowers are formed, which are then laid in the form of a triangle on a piece of felt. Flower contour outline chalk and cut out. Flowers thermogun stick to the felt base.




Floral Fantasy Ribbons

Ribbon embroidery is the most popular type of needlework. In ancient times, this art was the privilege of aristocratic nobility. Today, any woman can decorate their belongings with exquisite embroidery.

Thanks to silk ribbons, voluminous paintings can be admired for hours. A wonderful play of glitter on silk fabric creates smooth transitions of shades. Flowers from ribbons can decorate not only embroidery, but also accessories, things.



For the manufacture of a small flower is enough 90 cm of ribbon with a width of 6.5 cm, thread with a needle. The tape along the length folds in half (the wrong side inside). The fabric is swept away. The first stitches are made obliquely, and then - along the hem. Finish also at an angle. Tape clutter, but not tight. At one end of the ribbon, a small bud is formed and fixed with several stitches. The rest of the strip twist around the bud and stitch. During the winding, do not forget to form the center and correct the spiral lines so that the flower looks natural. The end of the tape is carefully fixed so that the craft will not break up.



These flowers will beautifully decorate the hairband, which can be an excellent accessory for a thematic party, wedding. Such crafts from satin ribbons emphasize femininity and give charm to any image.