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Furniture for a bath: how to create comfortable conditions for rest (21 photos)


A variety of furniture in the bath allows you to choose the situation to your taste and wallet. In this case, it is necessary to take into account special operating conditions (humidity and temperature). To make the selection process easier, it is advisable to know about the requirements that apply to furniture:

  • durability;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • strength;
  • health safety.

Many materials meet certain requirements: plastic is light, tolerates moisture, metal is durable, environmentally friendly and withstands temperature changes, leather covers look stylish and noble, but it is important to remember that plastic can release substances hazardous to health. Contact with metal at high temperatures leads to burns, and leather or leather substitutes can adhere to the body, which causes discomfort, so it is justified that the furniture for the bath of wood - the most common option to create a cozy and comfortable environment.



How to choose wooden furniture?

It is wood that is an ideal material for creating a zone of relaxation and comfort in a sauna. Furniture from the array is justifiably left out of competition.

When buying wooden objects, you should not forget that wood is of many kinds and reacts differently to changes in humidity and temperature. Manufacturers prefer to use linden, aspen, poplar.



The decor for the bath - a standard set

Convenience and functionality - the basic requirements for the situation in the bath. Rooms should not be filled with objects, but at the same time you do not want to spend minutes searching for suitable furniture, on which the clothes you removed will not get wet and not get dirty, and there must also be items that will help you to go down from the shelf in the steam room without injuries, therefore common A set of furniture in the bath includes:

  • shelves as the most important element of the steam room. The optimal parameters of the product are 60 cm in width, and not less than 180 cm in length. When choosing it, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the room, since the shelves should allow you to sit quietly and relaxed on the upper tier without touching the ceiling. If the first tier is set high, you should always provide footrests so that you can safely climb / descend;
  • washing is desirable to furnish a variety of furniture: benches, shelves, stools, shelves. Auxiliary equipment will not be superfluous: buckets, tubs, clothes hangers;
  • furniture recreation areas should be comfortable. This room allows you to embody a lot of design solutions and fantasies of the owners. Various versions of the furniture from the array (classic, with carved legs / backs) allow you to choose the model that best matches the style you like.

Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of furniture. So that both guests and owners could comfortably enter / leave the room, move to other rooms.



How to make furniture for a bath with your own hands?

Creating your own custom environment for the sauna is easy, especially the shelves. After all, this detail of the interior should optimally match the wishes of the owners, harmoniously and universally fit into the steam room. It is advisable to collect shelves of lime, which is soft and allows you to easily create furniture and accessories for a bath.

Pretreatment of wood with special compounds is a mandatory procedure, as it prolongs the life of the furniture. When choosing impregnation, buy a mixture to prevent rotting of the tree, mold. Due to special operating conditions (high humidity and temperature), substances that produce toxins on heating (varnishes, paints) cannot be used to process materials. The best option - stain.



To make the shelves in the bath with your own hands, you need a hacksaw, grinder, drill, hammer, pliers, plane, building level, lumber (bars, boards).

Before starting work, it is necessary to make careful measurements of the room, to determine the design of the shelf and the number of tiers. The advantage of a multi-tiered structure: changing levels, you can choose conditions that are comfortable for health reasons. Mounted shelves are usually the entire length of the wall (or several walls). Preliminary drawing up of the drawing will greatly facilitate the workflow. The following design parameters are recommended: the width of the seats is 60-90 cm, and the height of the tiers is 40-50 cm.



Wooden sketches are cut out according to the drawn sketches. A frame is assembled from bars, over which the boards are laid and fixed. Edge parts are carefully processed.

Grinding is desirable to produce in two stages: first, mechanically (grinder), and then manually. Such measures will protect the skin from possible scratches and splinters in the future.

When assembling horizontal elements of furniture, it is better to avoid carefully fitting boards - this will provide natural ventilation of the situation. The gaps are left at about 1 cm. The parts are joined using self-tapping screws. Moreover, it is recommended to screw the caps or other metal elements into the wooden surface (not less than 5 mm) in order to exclude the contact of leather and metal. Holes covered with putty, it will also protect the caps of screws from rust.



From the remnants of materials you can easily make a hanger for clothes. Hooks made of tree branches look very original. All knots are cleared of bark and treated with a plane. Attach hooks to the board from the array, and the symmetry and careful calculation is not necessary to comply.



Rough and massive semi-antique furniture - a common and traditional atmosphere in the bath. Hand-made things always have a special energy. Unique wooden objects in the room create a unique interior and bring a special, soothing state.



Tips for creating a cozy atmosphere

Sometimes it happens that unnecessary different-sized furniture is brought to the bathhouse, as well as to the dacha. If it is solid wooden things, they can be quite stylized in one direction.

Aged furniture will look great in a country-style lounge. To do this, items are cleaned from the old coating. All surfaces are treated with translucent glaze (like Belinka). Dry sponge in some places gently removes a layer of paint - it creates the effect of old rubbing. After drying, all the antique furniture for the bath is varnished (preferably yacht).



The atmosphere of the Russian style is emphasized by wicker chairs or benches made of lime, tables (made of solid wood) on carved legs. Decorative elements in the form of oak, birch brooms, bunches of dried herbs will give the room warmth and charm. Add identity to the coarse weaving track handmade.