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Commode in the bathroom: compact furniture of great importance (24 photos)


Bathrooms in modern dwellings can be completely different: small and large, medium and non-standard sizes, but one thing remains unchanged, the bathroom is not only a place to take quick water procedures, sometimes it is a place where you can relax and body care.



It was for the creation of such comfortable conditions that the dressers for the bathroom were invented. These furniture items have compact dimensions and a lot of functional spaces in the form of shelves and drawers that allow you to place all hygiene products both inside it and above.



Bathroom furniture: features

Commodes for bathrooms, as well as other furniture for these conditions, have a small size, water-repellent coating, functional features and an attractive appearance. Of course, such storages are mainly chosen for spacious bathrooms, because, in essence, the dresser in the bathroom does not play a major role when there are various mounted structures that save space. A chest of drawers is rather a pleasant addition, providing comfortable storage of all the necessary things in the bathroom.



Yes, as mentioned above, in the furniture stores there are mainly chests for spacious rooms, however, recently designers have also introduced small models that fit perfectly into the sanitary facilities limited by square meters. These designs usually have one row of drawers and are elongated in height. Also, designers have developed a narrow closet for the toilet, allowing to organize the space of an already small room.



Design advantages

Like any other functional furniture, dressers have several advantages that you should pay attention to when buying:

  • high quality materials. All furniture in the bathroom should have a high moisture resistance, so the dressers are usually made of materials that are not afraid of water spray;
  • compact dimensions. Most often, the designs do not take up much space and do not have protruding parts that would impede movement in the bathroom. In addition, a variety of opening mechanisms allows you to choose a model with the necessary doors, which will save expensive useful space;
  • laconic style. Since this furniture is not always mandatory attributes in the bathroom, it is often in its design manufacturers put more meaning than anything else. Dressers are made in all interior styles and directions and are suitable for any bathrooms.

The rest is worth paying attention to the quality of finishes and accessories, the strength of the whole structure and the guarantees provided. High-quality bathroom furniture should show the highest results for all these requirements.

There are several variants of classifications according to which it is possible to divide the chests presented on the furniture market. All of them are designed taking into account the structure of modern bathrooms, so there is always a chance to choose the right model for you.

By type of construction

Depending on the design and appearance of the dressers, there are two main types:

  • straight;
  • angular.

Straight dressers - this traditional design, which is similar to the dressers used to store things in the bedroom. Such furniture is located along the free wall, has several drawers and various sizes in depth, width and height. Straight chests for the bathroom can, in addition to the drawers, have empty niches in which it is convenient to store laundry baskets or various household chemicals.

Corner chests, as the name implies, are embedded in a corner and have a more original design of the internal space. This design is used in bathrooms, where all the walls are occupied, and there is still not enough space to store things.



By type of placement and mounting

Depending on the availability of free living space in the bathroom, there are two options for placing a dresser:

  • floor;
  • suspension.

Floor placement is suitable for large bathrooms and is the most common option for installing such furniture in the bathroom. A bathroom chest of drawers can be located under the sink, next to it or in another corner. The design can completely stand on the floor, which is not very safe for the bathroom, because under such a chest of drawers water or dirt will accumulate, the presence of which will adversely affect the health of the household. In order to avoid such troubles, you can buy a model on the legs, made of metal, plastic or rubber. It is convenient to wash under such a dresser, and if one of your favorite vials rolls under it, it will not be difficult to get it.

As you know, the conditions in the bathroom are far from ideal: there is almost always high humidity, difficult ventilation, the likelihood of fungus or mold. Do not forget that in many old houses, where the conditions of communication systems in the bathrooms are violated, it may be too cold in winter or too hot from heated heaters.

Considering all this, all objects located in such a room should have high characteristics of various indicators, including resistance to moisture, which is why most often dressers for the bathroom are made of such popular materials as:

  • plastic;
  • tree;
  • wood chipboard (chipboard);
  • small fraction dispersion plate (MDF).

Plastic Bathroom Chests

Of all the options listed, plastic can rightfully be called a leader in the ranking of the most moisture-resistant materials. It is very well tolerated by the effects of water, not deformed, does not swell. Various splashes and stains are removed from the plastic using a standard cloth.

Furniture from MDF

Plates of small-dispersion fractions have higher strength than plastic, but they are inferior to the latter in resistance to moisture. In order to provide protection from water, chests of MDF are coated with special compounds or glued over with protective films. That is why when choosing dressers of this material, pay attention to all possible attachment points, bends, joints, areas near the handles and hinges. Any unclosed place in the near future will become a dangerous conductor of moisture, which will cause your furniture to become unusable. The protective film can also be of any color, have decorative drawings, but most often the buyers choose white and blue designs, because, apparently, they are considered to be the classic version.

This material is least often encountered in the manufacture of bathroom furniture, as it has the lowest moisture resistance, but nonetheless has its admirers. The demand for chest of drawers from chipboard in their low price. Lightweight and affordable material costs very little money and is suitable for temporary options. It is also, like MDF, covered with special water-repellent compositions and protective films. There are white, blue, brown, black and yellow versions, depending on the appearance of the bathroom. However, after a while, even a moisture-proof chest begins to crumble and swell, so this option is suitable only for temporary solutions.

This material is considered the most elite and expensive option for the bathroom, so you should pay special attention to inspecting its protective coating. Thanks to the special impregnation, wood strength and moisture resistance are increased, a wooden chest of drawers looks noble in the bathroom and indicates the good taste of the owners. With proper care, such furniture can serve for decades without losing its primary qualities.

The most popular today is the shade of wenge, its dark and deep texture perfectly matches the interior in both light and dark colors, which makes it almost universal. In addition, wenge-colored furniture seems slightly aristocratic and noble, which will undoubtedly affect the overall style of the room.

Oak furniture will be the most durable, but also the most demanding in the care. Softer breeds will require constant monitoring of humidity in the room.

In addition to the materials considered for the manufacture, there are also combined options when parts made of metal or glass are included in the design. The metal in the design of the dresser usually performs the function of a frame into which wooden or plastic boxes are inserted. Since the metal under the conditions of moisture is most susceptible to corrosion, it is covered with special compounds, but this does not guarantee one hundred percent protection.