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Rectangular bath - the best choice for the bathroom (25 photos)


It is pleasant to relax in a warm cozy bath not only after a busy working day. In a calm atmosphere, water treatments are good to take at any time. In addition to convenience, the importance of the design of the bathroom. And often it is the bath is the main element of the decor of the room. Today there is plenty to choose from in a stylish bath. The most popular models are rectangular in shape, since you can choose a product to place any shape and area.



In general, baths can be grouped according to the following criteria:

  • configuration (size and shape);
  • materials and technologies for the production of sanitary ware;
  • presence / absence of underwater massage systems.

The wide model range allows you to choose a product that will fit harmoniously into the bathroom. The inner surface of the bath can have a different configuration and be convenient for taking water procedures in a sitting and lying position. Large plumbing allows you to take a bath not alone. Such models, as a rule, are equipped with hydromassage systems.



Bath materials: advantages and disadvantages

Manufacturers offer sanitary ware for the bathroom of metal, plastic, wood, stone. The most popular materials are metal and acrylic. To make it easier to determine the choice, it is enough to get acquainted with the pros and cons of each material.



Rectangular Acrylic Bathtubs

These models are distinguished by their low weight, pleasant surface, low thermal conductivity (water remains hot for a long time). The service life of acrylic plumbing, compared with metal baths, is short - 15-20 years. When servicing a plastic bath, do not use abrasive cleaners. It is acrylic baths most often equipped with facilities for massage.

Rectangular hot tubs

The main feature of the functioning of the massage system is that it is independent of the pressure in the system, since the water in the bath is sucked in by a hydraulic pump and fed to the nozzles.



Whirlpool baths are equipped with various types of massage:

  • hydro - from nozzles embedded on the walls of the bath, water jets are directed to the body. Thanks to the pleasant massage effect of the water jets, the muscles of the body relax, the immune system is strengthened, the level of stress decreases, sleep improves, the skin is toned. Depending on the model, you can include up to 10 massage modes. The optimal number of nozzles 5-6;
  • air nozzles are installed at the bottom of the bath. The body relaxes from a pleasant underwater effect on the skin of air jets. Aeromassage has no special therapeutic effect. The approximate number of nozzles is 12-16;
  • turbo - combines air and water massage techniques, but allows you to include modes and separately.

The directions of exposure to air-water flows are different, and each manufacturer has its own specific location of the nozzles. When equipping plumbing programmable control systems, it is possible to customize the massage mode. Some models of sanitary ware offer about 50 hydromassage programs. That is, separate parts of the body are massaged alternately, and with different intensity.

Rectangular models of hot tubs are much easier to equip in a small room than oval, round or asymmetrical. The most common option for installing plastic bathtubs with massage is built-in. And this is quite understandable, the built-in bath in the design of the room is a magnificent spectacle.



The best option for installing embedded plumbing is a separate house or cottage (preferably at the stage of project creation). A bath built into the floor visually resembles a small pool. Since this installation involves significant changes in the floor ceilings, for apartments a suitable solution is the construction of a podium. Rate the refined look of a large bath with a podium better in a spacious room. There is a lot of ways of exterior finish of a design. The surface can be stylized as a tree, stone, decorated with tiles.

The most common form of built-in bath is rectangular. For installation you can use both metal and acrylic models.

When installing the built-in bath, there are three options for installing plumbing.



Absolute floor embedding

Absolute embedding in the floor (the edging of the bath is flush with the floor). Taking care of such a bathroom is a difficult task and you will have to hire special workers for quality cleaning. In order for the water in the bathroom not to cool quickly, it is recommended to lay warm floors in the room.

The most convenient way to maintain a bath installed in the middle of the room. The dimensions of the built-in bath should be in harmony with the area of ​​the room. A small container installed in the center of a room may be associated with a puddle.

In such cases, a bath with a frame. If the plumbing purchased without a podium, then it is quite possible to build a podium on their own.

The frame is built from wooden boards and sheathed with drywall (the most common option). At the stage of constructing a drawing, you can fantasize with the design and shape of the podium. As an option - to build a building with wide low steps, decorative niches or shelves.



Floor-mounted bath part

A part of the bath is built into the floor, and the upper part is decorated using a podium.



A built-in bath is to a greater degree an element of luxury, therefore such models are always equipped with various details and devices that create a mood of relaxation and rest. There are no universally accepted requirements for the arrangement of interiors of rooms with built-in baths. Each option will be individual and unique.




Rectangular bathtub is relevant for the interior rooms of different stylistic directions. A variety of materials, shades of plumbing in combination with fashionable interior finishes create bright and unusual design solutions in rooms of any size.