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Blue loft bed in the children's room: the features of the composition (21 photos)


Eight hours of good sleep make up 75% of the child's health, and a well-rested young man is a reliable opara for parents, so a professionally selected bed model is a pledge of beneficial sleep. However, you first need to familiarize yourself with a number of characteristics that the blue loft bed has. Subsequently, such information will help determine the choice.



"All inclusive"

This title carries this kind of design. Since freedom of movement plays an important role for children, the purchase of a bunk bed fulfills their expectations. It occupies a space only in height - from 160 to 210 cm. Thus, it is freed up to 2 m² of area. In addition, its equipment includes the following components:

  • Steps. They are made wide and gated. In some models provided shockproof elements (ropes). In the metal furniture on the steps carved grooves to prevent slipping.
  • Bookshelves. Because of the limited space, the shelves are mounted in one, and in extreme cases, in two rows.
  • Corner cupboard. In it there are not only bars for hangers, but also sections of shelves. The volume of each of them is intended for the packaging of children's wardrobe.
  • The boxes. Single blue loft bed in the lower part has overall drawers. The system of closers helps children take care of property, and adults do not worry about repairs. At the same time, dear mothers will not be annoyed by the dunes of toys left by the child.
  • Board. Manufacturers make it either in the form of a solid plate (especially at the head of the bed), or grilles. Plastic plates are fastened along their edges so that the children are not scratched.
  • Bent lamellas. They are mounted specifically for orthopedic mattresses. The distance between them is from 7 cm. As a result, the spine is in the correct position, and the muscles of the body rest.
  • Computer table. Without a study in the bedroom can not do, so engineers offer two options for its location: perpendicular or vertical to the axis.

Concerned about the safety of babies, the manufacturers of the bunk bed model provided for its design special cutouts for cables and sockets. At the same time, access to them remains free for parents.

Designers put their hands on the design. Among the consumers are gaining popularity blue beds-typewriter. The originality of the idea boils down to an unusual shape and coloring of such furniture. However, now it is worth considering the list of pros and cons of such products.

Of course, the price of such furniture comes first. This is followed by compact and comfortable design. The fourth position is harmony with the design of the bedroom. To satisfy this wide range of customer requirements, we need a universal model. This category of experts include a bunk bed and preferably blue. Why? It has several advantages:

  • The blue palette is combined with dozens of other (attractive) shades.
  • For lovely crumbs such a structure will become its own kingdom. They will be happy to go to sleep, learn lessons, and most importantly, play there.
  • The original decorated storage for masking the arsenal of things that accompany the era of childhood.
  • In the manufacture of these products are used natural materials or their derivatives: beech ;, alder, MDF, oak, chipboard (laminated or not), pine.
  • In the bedroom, these products are given 2.5 meters and only one wall.
  • Since the wardrobe, table, bedside tables and shelves are included, parents do not need to wrestle with picking up the rest of the furniture (dimensions, design and colors).
  • The idea of ​​climbing the stairs to the loft bed appeals to millions of children. Even such daily exercises stabilize the work of the vestibular apparatus, as well as improve the condition of the whole organism.

You can appreciate the advantages of this product only when using it. In addition, it should be understood that for buildings with low ceilings, such a model is not intended, and for crumbs under the age of 3 years, experts recommend buying a special bed.



Blue bed in the bedroom interior

Surrounding objects, color schemes, and also relief coatings form the mental state of the child. When there are a lot of dim shades in the room, this causes depressing feelings in the mind of the baby, so you need to stop choosing bright colors. If parents do not want to constantly flush the panels, then you can choose dark blue furniture in the bedroom.

This, the sixth color of the rainbow, originally fits into dozens of designer interiors. So, the blue loft bed is an integral part of various interior styles.




It includes such variations of the interior design:

  • Greek marble bas-reliefs will stand out against the background of such a color;
  • the absence of sharp formations, which is typical for children's furniture, will suit the rococo style;
  • Empire color interpretations (the predominance of bright and aggressive colors) will give apartments luxuriant luxury.




The slogan of such a flow, forget the past and find yourself in the future. There are the following directions:

  • high-tech (innovative technologies set the idea);
  • avant-garde (extravagance of forms and color combinations);
  • boho (fun, as well as many small details, randomly set in the bedroom, will make the life of the child more diverse);
  • Eco-style (green grass, hotbeds of flowers and natural accessories will be a source of inspiration for the baby).

It should be understood that the bunk bed of blue color will refresh any situation. This tone contributes to productive thinking and calming the nervous system. In tandem with a white tint or wooden inserts, the room is transformed into a paradise. In this case, the child will fall asleep, as well as wake up with a pacified smile. A closed headboard protects it from cold walls and helps to concentrate on falling asleep.

Having a general idea of ​​styles, it is now necessary to analyze the advice that experts give when choosing this furniture.

Not everything is useful, which is popular and fashionable. The same applies to the purchase of a bunk bed. Often, buyers want to fit into the budget and at the same time be in the trend among friends. At such a moment, they forget the needs of their growing heirs.

Expert advice in this area will help to avoid this dilemma.

It is advisable to choose natural materials, because they do not emit synthetic substances that destroy the cells of the respiratory system of children. At the same time the tree is three times stronger than other types of raw materials. The only thing is to control the level of humidity and methods of cleaning.

Take into account the stylistic features of the apartment. Sex and age of the child affects the choice of colors. For heterosexual children buy the design of universal tones. In rooms where it is constantly dark throughout the day, it is recommended to use light or pastel shades.



A loft bed must be equipped with all safety measures. These include:

  • massive bumpers;
  • large steps;
  • no sharp corners;
  • anti-slip coating;
  • convenient (compact) arrangement of all parts of the product.

Inspecting the product, you should evaluate the state of the assembly and mounting parts. The option of rocking the structure is not allowed, because after a few intense attacks it will turn into a ruin.



On the side panel of some models cut oval or round window. This is a good solution for those who are not 5 years old. However, such products should be placed away from the passage of drafts.