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Louvre doors - the perfect solution for small rooms (20 photos)


An important element of any interior are doors. Their choice should be approached as deliberately as the choice of wallpaper, parquet, laminate and furniture. When you are thinking about the future interior, be sure to consider the installation of louvered doors as an option, because they can be installed in those rooms where it is impractical to put ordinary doors.

Design features

The basis of any louver system is a sturdy frame, which is installed in the doorway, and slats are inserted at an angle into it. It is very important that the louvered doors in the interior are fastened to the frame with a reliable mechanism. If it is cheap and of poor quality, the doors will not move smoothly, and over time the entire system may fail.



Louvre doors are very popular and in demand. They are installed:

  • on cabinets;
  • on bedside tables;
  • in the interior doorways;
  • on kitchen and office furniture;
  • on the windows.



The doors still differ in the design of the mechanism. The most common - louvered coupe doors. A frame is inserted into which solid wood slabs or doors with slats are inserted.

Folding designs are especially popular today. These designs stack wooden plates in an accordion or a book. There are also hinged doors that are driven by a hydraulic mechanism.

Pros and cons of louver doors

Installing interior louvered doors allows you to efficiently use a small space. Such doors can be placed in the bathroom, on the balcony, on the loggia, in the hallway, in the closet and in any other narrow room.

The louvre system is easily mounted, so even a novice can handle this task. Compared to louvered doors, installing ordinary doors is much more difficult.



Louvre doors in the interior look very elegant and stylish. If the designer correctly picked up the material and was not mistaken with the color scheme, even the simplest folding doors will be the highlight of any interior. If you carefully handle the louver system, the doors will serve you for a very long time. And if repair is required, there is nothing easier than to remove one or more rails and put new ones in their place.



And another major drawback is the high cost of louvered systems. Of course, MDF doors are cheaper than wooden doors, but, nevertheless, the cost of such structures is high. And if you want to install such doors in the apartment, you have to prepare a decent amount.



Where better to install louver doors?

These doors fit easily into the interior in any style.

If you create an interior in the style of Provence, white louver doors can be installed in the room. With their help, you can visually push the space. For such an interior door can be further aged. For example, buy doors made of pine or other wood and paint them with olive, blue or sand paint.

Such doors can be hung on the entrance, and can be installed on niches or cabinets. If you want to make the most economical use of space, you need to install louver compartment doors on the closets.



Interior doors are installed in sunny rooms. If you want the corridor to be flooded with warm sunlight, it is better to install doors painted with varnish or stain. They look natural and create a truly homely atmosphere in the room. Gray or black painted doors are installed in loft-style rooms. Sliding metal doors of steel color will also fit into this interior.



Today, many manufacturers offer customers louvered doors of various designs. Their cost depends on the material from which they are made and the price of used fittings. Even if you do not have a large amount, you can install inexpensive plastic doors. If these doors are properly selected, they will fit into any interior and decorate it.