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The advantages and features of the sofa on the metal frame (23 photos)


Coming to the store behind the sofa, customers look at its color, size, quality of upholstery, try whether it is comfortable to sit and lie on it. Of course, this is all very important, but, first of all, you need to be interested in what the frame of the sofa is made of. Particularly reliable are the sofas on the metal frame - and they need to pay attention first.



Pros of a sofa with a metal frame

Modern sofas are of different types:

  • without frame;
  • with wooden frame;
  • with metal frame;
  • with plastic frame;



Metal frame safe and environmentally friendly. Wooden can be made of glued sawdust. This material has a pungent smell, the metal does not have it at all. In addition, this frame is easier to overtighten with a cloth, so if in 5-7 years the upholstery is erased and fades, it can be easily replaced with a new material.



Which model to choose?

Sofas on the metal frame have different transformation mechanisms. The choice needs to be made on the basis of how convenient it is for you to lay out a specific mechanism and how much the sofa in its disassembled form takes places.

For spacious rooms suitable sofa roll-out on the metal frame. It is rather bulky and in disassembled form has a length of more than 2 meters, but on the other hand two or even three people can freely accommodate it. This sofa will be a decent alternative to a double bed.




In the kitchen, you can put a corner sofa on the metal frame. It fits into any interior and allows economical use of space. On it at the table will accommodate all your guests. In addition, even a small sofa is at least one bed. You can find a sofa with a box for linen. There will fit a pillow, blanket, kitchen towels and part of the dishes.



Sofa click klak on the metal frame has an original design. It can be placed in the nursery, in the kitchen or in the living room. Few are ready to buy a sofa on the metal frame without armrests, because in operation it is not convenient for everyone. The sofa click clique on the metal frame is good for its compactness - it fits perfectly into a small room, but such models have a disadvantage - they are single.

The sofa accordion on the metal frame is similar in design to the roll-out. It is also quite cumbersome and in disassembled form it will occupy the entire room. Sofa accordion on the metal frame can be put in the living room or bedroom. For a nursery in which one child lives, it is better to choose a simpler design, for example, a eurobook sofa on a metal frame.

This design is good for its versatility. The eurobook sofa on the metal frame can even decompose a child. Simply remove the seat cushions, pull the seats towards you — it will slide out easily — and lower the backrest. The eurobook sofa on the metal frame will not take up much space - you only need to move it 10 cm away from the wall so that the backrest can be easily lowered. Disassembled, it can accommodate two people.




Checking the sofa when buying

Before buying it is necessary to evaluate the strength and reliability of the structure Be sure to sit and lie on the couch, spread it several times. Eurobook sofa on the metal frame and other models should be laid out smoothly and silently. The mechanism should not squeak and jam. If this is a sofa with a spring block, evaluate whether it is not too hard.




If you visually like a piece of furniture, critically evaluate how easy it will be to operate. For example, a sofa click clique on a metal frame is not equipped with armrests. Instead of them - small soft pillows. If you are accustomed to put a cup of tea on a solid wooden armrest, then it is better to refuse to purchase a click from a couch sofa.

Buying a sofa is not worth saving. It should not only fit into the interior, but also be made of quality materials: have a strong frame, tied with a cloth that does not fade or wipe. A good purchase will be the purchase of a sofa on a metal frame, because this design has several advantages and will last much longer than wood and plastic.