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Features black laminate in the interior (22 photos)


The gradation of dark laminate colors is simply amazing. As is known, natural materials are used in laminated coatings. For example, laminate "black oak" or "black caiman." In order to get an oak of this shade, the tree needs to undergo a number of different treatments. As for the crocodile, for a floor covering it is necessary to kill more than two dozen animals.

Varieties of laminate

There are several types of laminate: glue and prefab. The difference in the form itself and the method of attaching the flooring to each other. The glue method is called this because the ends of the plates are joined with a waterproof special glue. Precast laminate snaps together without special fluids and fixtures. Such a floor has much more advantages. Simple installation contributes to the fact that if damaged, you can easily replace one plate without disassembling the other.



Also, the flooring can be matte and glossy. Structurally, they are no different, but have a number of differences among themselves, which must be considered when choosing.

The glossy side of the parquet is considered durable and wear-out due to the special acrylic composition, however, mechanical damage may occur on the surface and spoil the appearance. This fact must be remembered if you choose laminate for the entrance room or you have pets with claws, but in general, especially glossy black laminate, visually looks expensive and unusual. To preserve the gloss you need to properly care for the laminate. Use special detergents for cleaning floors.

For any home or apartment perfect black laminate. With it, you can create a clear contrast of furniture on white walls. Black color is considered a classic. It fits into almost any interior in a combination of different shades. The standard selection of colors that always look good with a dark floor: red, white, green, purple, pink, yellow.

The main feature of the dark coating is that it needs special care, frequent wet cleaning, as even minor dirt will be evident. However, you can choose a laminate, where the defects will not be noticeable. For example, from an ebony with light impregnations or dark opaque. Black glossy floor in the care more fastidious, even a small scratch will be visible.




The benefits of black laminate

Black glossy floor in comparison with other colors has a number of advantages that you need to pay attention to:

  • Respectable type of design due to the black laminate in the interior. Laying laminate of such color is considered to be a non-standard solution;
  • To create a sharp transition or division into working areas of the room, the subfloor is perfect;
  • Laminate black gloss always looks more expensive and more effective;
  • In the interior with a dark floor, guests will always feel comfortable;
  • Large selection of laminate of different quality. Reasonable prices;
  • Black laminate - a universal covering for any room. Whatever style you prefer - classical, baroque, oriental or any other dark floor is always the way. With the right choice of color solutions for wall decoration, you can make a room luxurious without spending a lot of money on it. With a universal coating, you can always feel free to experiment;
  • The floor, made of dark laminate, favorably plays on the contrast. You can create a spectacular interior dwelling. However, it should be remembered that brute force with color gamut gives tastelessness, and the black coating will lose its uniqueness;
  • Laminate with dark shades, namely black, creates a complete image of the interior. There are tips that help to visually expand the space in the room, but it happens on the contrary that it should be reduced. Remove emptiness and add comfort. Dark floor copes with this task.





Despite all the advantages, there is a need to consider the disadvantages and undesirable disadvantages in the operation of black laminate.

  • Any dust particles are visible on the dark floor, especially if you have the sunny side. There are traces of shoes. Each owner will agree that this is a big drawback. Frequent wet cleaning is necessary to avoid visible stains on the floor;
  • If the light colors and the mirror space visually increase the room, the dark floor reduces it. If you want to expand the scale of the room on the contrary, the floors of dark color will not suit you. Perhaps the black glossy floor with the correct selection of colors of the remaining elements will correct the situation;
  • In a room with black laminate need good lighting. When combining dark floors and walls, you need to take this fact into account. In order not to get a gloomy atmosphere, choose a light finish. Based on the facts of psychology, the dark room adversely affects the mood of a person;
  • Black laminate difficult to combine in the interior. You need to carefully choose under it window frames, doors, walls, furniture. Interior doors of unsuitable shade can spoil the picture of the whole room. It is advisable to choose them for the tone of the laminate;
  • Laminate warm brown color gives the room comfort. The dwelling is filled with warmth and comfort while it does not look simple and cheap. Floors in black produce the opposite effect. Especially if you choose the wrong wall decoration, furniture, curtains, etc.

The right approach to decision making is key to success. After examining all the positive and negative qualities of black flooring, you can safely make a choice for yourself.




Dark flooring in the interior

If it is decided to use black laminate in the interior of the dwelling, then all other details and other finishing materials should be given special attention. It is better to turn to a professional designer who can match the wall color, lighting and other elements to the black floor. When using dark laminate, people often choose the wrong shade of finishes, curtains, furniture and other details that make the room dark and visually small.

For the living room is very popular laminate, imitating wood. Black oak, walnut and beech are most commonly used. The surface in black color is preferred because it looks expensive, luxurious, but when choosing a laminate you also need to remember that in artificial light, wood plays differently.






For kitchen or dining room, black laminate will be perfectly combined with green, olive or emerald walls. The glossy laminate looks good with tiles, although it is not practical for the kitchen. You can dilute and decorate the room with wooden furniture in the color of laminate. The rest of the decorative ornaments are only in light warm tonality.

Lovers of unusual design sometimes combine black with the same color of the walls. It looks pretty gloomy, but even this option can be beaten. First of all, there should be a lot of light in the room. Desirable large window. The room itself should not be small. For the ceiling, it is always recommended to choose a white finish. You can stick wallpaper with vertical stripes, they will visually make the room higher. Furniture should play on the contrast of the black floor - be light shades.




Laminated or matte black flooring in the bedroom can be combined with textured bright walls, or make a bright focus on one. Perfectly suit blue, lilac and pink shades. For comfort, you can lay a soft white carpet that will cover most of the dark floor. For the rest room it is desirable to choose light furniture.

Nowadays, goods are valued for reliability and affordability, so the laminate, which with the help of modern technology has become even more diverse, is chosen more often. It serves for a long time and fits perfectly into any design. Despite the variety of textures and shades, the priority is black laminate. With him, the room becomes fashionable, elegant and noble. However, the quality and comfort is still the main task in the design of the dwelling.