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White interior - the perfect solution for a small apartment


Light colors are a real find for small rooms. We have repeatedly advised to design one-room apartments by them, as they visually expand the space. If a few years ago, beige was a favorite among light colors, but now this place has been taken by white. The tendency in the design of rooms in white has been observed for over ten years, but now it has become most prevalent.

White color has a dual form. On the one hand, it is monochrome and easily in harmony with other colors. But on the other hand, it is complicated and requires an elaborate approach. You can create a white interior in several ways:

  • absolutely white interior (walls, floor, furniture);
  • white interior with floor and furniture (fully or partially) wooden texture;
  • white interior with bright details.

It is hard to decorate a room completely in white color, since it is necessary to expend quite a few efforts to search for materials and suitable furniture. Difficulties will arise in the selection of shades. Not all shades of white will be combined with each other, but this interior looks very interesting, which undoubtedly corresponds to the effort expended.

The wooden texture will emphasize all the sophistication of white. Choosing light doors, walls and ceiling, you will visually increase the height of the room, which is great for apartments with low ceilings. The dark floor in the white interior will expand your room, but you should avoid the wooden textures of orange hue. They will steal all the elegance of white. It can be said that the choice of wood texture flooring (laminate or parquet) depends only on personal preferences.

White color with bright details is suitable for those who just seem white boring. Choose one or two additional colors. A good option is to combine white with black or gray and one bright color. Furniture and all accessories for the home pick these three colors. But do not forget that white color should be present not only in the decoration, but also in the furniture.

White color makes it possible to combine several bright colors, not allowing the interior to look tasteless. It is also an interesting way to divide space into functional zones. Pick one element of bright color for each zone. This option is distinguished by its dynamics and modernity.