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Coffee table in the interior (45 photos): beautiful designs and layout options


A coffee table is a wonder piece of furniture in any living room. It should be at least interesting for family members and guests, as a maximum - original in design, color, decor. Only then will he become one that will not only unite all the components of the chosen style of the room, but also provide food for conversation. About the variety and choice of coffee table, decorating possibilities - here!

Today's coffee table is a coffee table that came from Asia. However, this name did not stick to us, and it was not particularly accepted to drink coffee / tea while receiving guests in the post-Soviet space. But put a pile of magazines, a pile of newspapers on the table, please discuss working moments behind it!

Thanks to the painstaking work of the designers, coffee-coffee tables are again in vogue (and everyday life!). But now they are already presented not dull rectangular coffee tables made of wood, resembling each other like twin brothers. Now their assortment is an opportunity to add a certain touch to the interior of the room, to choose a table of bright design so that it not only performs a practical function, but also becomes the main object-decor of the room. Fortunately, a variety of models allows you to easily choose a table for the style of the chalet and classic English, Provence and Loft, functional and tropical, dozens of others.






A few words about functions, or not coffee as one

Loft style and functional, minimalism and hi-tech, Provence and Baroque - in any of them it is easy to fit the original coffee table. But it's not just the shape / size, materials / decor, but also ... the choice of functions. Depending on the destination, you can choose a coffee table made of glass / rattan / wood:

  • traditional. It will serve as an option for books / magazines / idlers in the living room or will become a miniature dining table when it comes to the kitchen;
  • decorative or table platform. The first will serve only as an element decorating the room, the second option is a table on one high leg, which will allow to place only one object on its surface;
  • transformer, coffee table on wheels or a showcase. The idea of ​​the first and second is concluded in maximum functionality and proper “spending” of free space, the third - in the cozy contemplation of accessories and idlers under the glass tabletop on the shelf forming the basis of the table;
  • sewn on. Option in the form of the letter P, in which the table top is located above the sofa, the base - under the sofa. The result is convenience and economy of territory!

Making the choice of a coffee table, take into account the functional and practical points. They will enchant you with pragmatism!










Coffee tables as a work of art

They attract the eye, make them wonder, they become the very harmony in the living room, study, children's unusual coffee tables. To order one from an eminent designer or to create one’s own hands means to indicate precisely his belonging to the glamorous style of a loft, luxurious contemporary, natural provenance or significant rococo. The individual detail, created by hand, will not only attract the attention of the guests, but will also share with each piece of respect, kindness and love for their craft masters. All direction to style!

The unique decor of the coffee table is a mass of bright ideas. For example, you can choose the decoupage technique, which will be the ideal solution for rooms of historical or natural style. Fabrics, lace, carved paper napkins, glue, several layers of lacquer - and the coffee table is fascinating for its play of colors, patterns, textures. Forged metal elements as well as carved legs will perfectly fit into the existing interior. And carved coffee table eclipsed the beauty of all other pieces of furniture!

The glass coffee table selected for modern style is an option for mosaic, working with stained glass windows, mirrors. The precision of the action - and the glossy / matt table top surprises with the elegance of details, careful selection of the element, and a tandem of colors. And everyone wants if not such a model, then a similar one!

The idea for classic interiors is to veneer the tabletop. This technique will allow you to breathe life into a coffee table that belonged to your grandmother. It remains only to choose sheets of veneer of a certain wood - and the table can no longer be distinguished from the one created from the array!

Will cause delight in every craquelure technique. The art of aging furniture is a real sacrament that can return your table to any of the epochs. Thin or thick spiderweb cracks, several layers of clear lacquer and a pair of acrylic paint, a hairdryer for drying - and the idea is realized! Welcome to the independent work!







So, you decided to purchase a glass coffee table, or a rattan table, or with a marble table top, or ... There are a lot of options, but there are only five rules for choosing a table. They will allow to correct the wishes, to take into account all the subtleties and opportunities, to operate with tips from family members.


  1. Exact match style. Having chosen a certain style of a living room or an office, you know which forms he “prefers”, which colors, shades, materials and decoration are characteristic of him. You should not experiment and add a bulky table-rustic in the loft style, for example.
  2. Material. Several ideas for the same style - this is normal. Match this piece of furniture with others in the room, with finishing materials and even textiles on the window. Make a decision in favor of one or another.
  3. Shape and size. Your task is to harmoniously fit the table into the surrounding space so that the room is comfortable for the baby, elderly parents, and numerous guests. Take this into account when choosing.
  4. Design features. No need to purchase a showcase table for a dining area or an attached option - for the working area of ​​the library. Stop the choice on the one that will be most appropriate and functional in a particular room.
  5. Quality. Stationary coffee or coffee tables on wheels - these are the basic elements, parts and fittings. Each of them must be reliable in order to be completely safe and ... durable.

That's all the secrets!