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LED plinth: we turn the usual room into a colorful world (24 photos)


Properly organized lighting solution will help transform the room. Thanks to the backlight, it changes its geometry and ceases to be static. One of the most relevant and effective ways to make your home an exclusive, original and cozy is the lighting of the plinth with LED strips. He is unlikely to be able to replace the full lighting, but he can quite create a romantic twilight in the room.



The LED plinth brings to the interior design notes of exclusive and originality. Only you need to choose the right baguette and a suitable light source. The room is significantly transformed after installing the ceiling or floor lighting.

Designers have adopted LEDs and include them in the decor of various premises. The popularity of LEDs due to the presence of the following advantages:

  • powerful brightness with low power consumption. Energy consumption in comparison with other lamps (fluorescent, incandescent) is 5 times less with a similar light output;
  • long service life. On average, it is 50 000-100 000 hours. The tape is not afraid of vibration, and during protection it is not afraid of moisture;
  • security. These bulbs have a low level of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, there is no hazardous mercury;
  • big variety. Various colors of LED strips are available;
  • fire safety. LEDs practically do not heat up.

There are LEDs and disadvantages. These include:

  • inferiority of lighting (LED lighting is useful as an additional light source);
  • price. The relative disadvantage is the high price compared to a halogen lamp or incandescent lamp. However, after some time, it will be possible to notice energy savings;
  • difficulty replacing. If at least one diode fails, you will have to dismantle the entire tape to replace it. Attach the tape back will need to glue, because the adhesive base will not hold it.



Creating a glowing plinth: determine the materials

For self-manufacturing of plinth with backlighting, only the most basic knowledge of the laws of physics is needed in order to properly assemble an electrical circuit. The installation work itself will not take more than two days. If there is no desire or time to fiddle with picking up a chain of LEDs, you can purchase a ready-made luminous plinth. It only needs to be mounted on the wall and plugged in.

Tape selection

On sale there are several types of lamps and ribbons, thanks to which any person can arrange lighting on the ceiling of the room.

LED ceiling lighting has several advantages:

  • low power consumption;
  • lamps do not heat up much and do not heat nearby surfaces;
  • the tape can be cut into any lengths suitable for placing a certain size;
  • You can adjust the settings that change the saturation of the light, turn the ceiling lights on and off.

When buying, you should choose the color tape. You can stop the choice on monochrome or multi-color version, which provides the ability to control the color mode.

Brightness depends on the installed diodes, on their sizes. The larger the size of the LED, the brighter it shines. The most commonly used SMD LEDs are 3528 (size 35 × 28 respectively) and SMD 5050 (LED size 50 × 50 mm).

Pay attention to the protection from moisture. The tape can be open and protected (sealed) with a silicone coating that prevents moisture from entering the conductive elements. If the tape is protected from moisture, then it is marked with IP and the corresponding digital value.

The density of the diodes. The higher it is, the brighter the glow will be. In accordance with the standards, the tape can be single-row with normal or double density with 60, 120, 240 diodes per meter or double-row with double density with 30, 60, 120.



Choice of plinth

The tape of LEDs is fixed with the help of a plinth. It will hold it in a static position, and protect it from damage. Plinth for floor or ceiling is called baguette or fillet.

The fillet, which fits tightly to the ceiling and the wall and masks defects at the joints, is not suitable for concealed lighting, therefore, special skirting boards have been developed for LED strips that are attached to the ceiling or wall at an angle. This allows the light to diffuse, creating the effect of decorative lighting. In the plinth there is a special chute for laying the tape. Galtel has small sides, which also improves light output. Inside there can be a thin layer of foil, outside the trench is closed with a silicone lining.

The choice of plinth should be made on the basis of the geometry of the room where it will be located. For semi-circular areas, it is better to choose foam skirting, for finishing a large perimeter, you need to choose a flexible option, as the walls are often uneven. Polyurethane baseboard is suitable for suspended ceilings, as it has a high density.

The length of the plinth, which goes on sale, is 2 meters. Before you buy it, you need to calculate the perimeter of the room where you will install the backlit plinth.




Attach the plinth with LED lighting in different ways, depending on the material from which the plinth is made. The wooden fillet is fastened with screws, the plinth made of light materials is fixed with the help of liquid nails.

Ceiling fillets due to the diversity of their designs are able to hide the LEDs, and with the help of flexible structures, you can emphasize the curved perimeter of the room.

You need to choose a profile in such a way that its upper edge deviates into the room, and inside it forms a niche in which the LED system is fixed. The profile is attached to the bottom edge.

The entire ceiling lighting system under the skirting board is concealed underneath; a diffuse soft glow is obtained from above, which designates the ceiling along the entire perimeter. This decorative design can be supplemented with small light bulbs.

The choice of ceiling elements for LED lighting is great. They have various sizes, shapes, decorative elements.




The material used is:

  • Styrofoam. It produces very light baseboards, but foam is not used for floor lighting because of its fire risk.
  • Tree. Wooden plinths are very expensive and prone to fire.
  • Metal. The most fireproof option, but such baseboards are quite expensive and can only be mounted on straight walls. Aluminum skirting is more suitable for high-tech style and is created with special grooves for LED strips.
  • Polyurethane. It is one of the best materials for profiles. Well hides bumps, suitable for winding walls, has a good value for money. A combination of polyurethane and aluminum is often used.

Floor plinth for lighting differs in design from the ceiling. It is a cable channel and snap-on lid. The cover should be made of transparent material that diffuses the light.

Additional materials

In addition to the LED strip and fillets, you will need power supplies, controllers, and connectors. A connector is required to connect an electrical circuit without a soldering iron. Controllers are needed to change the brightness of the backlight and its chromaticity. A power supply unit or voltage converter converts the voltage of 220 volts of an ordinary outlet into the ones needed for 12 or 24 volt diodes and protects the electrical circuit from power surges in the network.





Backlighting of the plinth with your own hands is quite possible, unless you plan to change the wiring or make a divorce of communications from the electrical panel.

Before you make the light should measure the room and calculate the footage of the LED tape. Then determine the power of the entire circuit, based on the density of light bulbs per meter length. The LED tape usually indicates the power consumption per meter. You just need to multiply it by the number of meters required for the illuminated room and as a result you get the power of the power supply, but it is better to purchase several power supplies.

Pick up the power supply controller. If there are several tapes, then an additional power supply unit is selected for each tape. The tape is sold for 5 meters, standard width one centimeter, thickness 0.3 mm. It is flexible and consists of equidistant LEDs. The power necessary for a bright luminescence of light-emitting diodes makes 12-24 volts.

Connects the tape using the power supply. To limit the amount of direct current and to prevent the electric circuit from burning, there is a resistor in the tape. The power supply should correspond to the sum of the power of all LEDs. If it exceeds 50 watts, then a large power supply is needed, which will be difficult to hide. It is better to use several small blocks. Brightness, chroma backlight adjustable via remote control.




If you plan to insert a monochrome tape, then it is directly connected to the power supply and to the network. If there are several colors of diodes, first connect the controller and then the LED board. After assembling the tape, all soldering sites must be insulated with a heat shrinkable tube, which will help not only insulate the electrical circuit connections, but also make them durable and strong. There comes a time to check the circuit. It is included in the outlet, and if everything is normal, then proceed to the installation on the ceiling baguette.

LEDs can be placed above the plinth, in the technical gap between the plinth and the ceiling. In this case, you can use the cheapest fillets, only so that they are not afraid of the temperature of +60 degrees.

The skirting for the ceiling is better to pre-cut and fit in the corners, but they are attached not in the butt, but so that there is a gap of at least 50 mm wide above the top edge. The profile is mounted at a short distance from the ceiling. It is better to fix the plinth on a layer of plaster or on a concrete surface, and not on wallpaper. The gap between the ceiling and the upper edge of the baguette should be 60-70 mm.

You should first join the baseboards and cut them in the corners. The place where the cornice will be located, is pre-smoothed, treated with a primer. The fillet is fixed with liquid nails or planted on screws.




LED tape is easy to mount. It has a glue base on the reverse side, covered with a protective strip, which is removed before fastening. The tape can be easily cut so that it is the same size as the fillet. The sticking zone of the tape is primed with special means even before the installation of ceiling profiles. The tape is glued slightly below the edge of the baguette, and the cable is hidden in a niche. Illuminated ceiling plinth installed.

Ordinary LED strip in combination with well-chosen and mounted ceiling plinth will transform the room beyond recognition. With its help, you can turn a children's room, bathroom, guest room into a bright, multi-colored world. One has only to show imagination, and if something does not work, you can always resort to the service of professionals.

Plinth with LED ribbon - a combination of beauty, efficiency in the interior of the room. With it, you can create a variety of bright lighting effects. A large selection of brightness settings, lamp mode gives greater freedom for imagination.