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Paper garland - a simple but very beautiful decoration (31 photos)


A hand-made paper garland has a number of indisputable advantages - the craft is original and costly. Such crafts are best created in the family circle, attracting moms and dads, grandparents to work. This can be a pleasant family tradition, and unusual creative variations will be a stimulus for creativity. Where to place the finished product, everyone chooses.




Varieties and features of paper garlands

Making jewelry out of paper with your own hands is not at all difficult, and there is a huge amount of options for crafts in the form of garlands. It can be:

  • Asterisks of different shapes and sizes;
  • Circles and ovals with smooth and curly edges;
  • A variety of figures - animals, animals, fairy tale characters, flowers;
  • Three-dimensional shapes in the form of balls and pompons. From a large sheet of paper you can make a magic ball with an openwork pattern.

Inexpensive and beautiful product is a Christmas garland made of paper, which is able to decorate a Christmas tree as well as toys made of glass or foam. An excellent gift for Valentine's Day will be a self-made garland of paper hearts. You can make it colorful: the best combination of red, yellow, white, pink, orange. Such a bright hack can be placed in a room under the ceiling, on furniture, above the bed, on a chandelier.




This option is well suited for the child's birthday, and a garland made from hearts with their own hands is very simple - you need to cut out according to a pattern. You can alternate items of different sizes. Decorations will be the inscriptions - the name of the baby, and you can put a photo in circles. To originally congratulate the birthday boy on his birthday, it is not difficult to make paper fireworks, strung numerous stars on a thread.




Multicolored paper butterflies that are strung on a thread and attached to a chandelier or ceiling in any convenient place are fashionable. At the slightest breath, they begin to flutter, filling the surrounding space with spring warmth and forcing everyone to smile.

The most standard option is handicraft with flags. Products of neutral monochromatic color are suitable for any holiday. With pictures and patterns of different subjects flags are made:

  • By the New Year;
  • By March 8 or February 23;
  • At the wedding and anniversary.

For those who do not know how to make a garland of paper, it is enough to study several ways to understand the process of making crafts.



How to make a garland yourself?

Before you get to work, you need to stock up on the necessary materials and tools. To make a garland of flags you can use:

  • color and white thin paper or cardboard;
  • Corrugated sheets in rolls.

You will need stationery - ruler, pencil, square, as well as stationery - scissors, pins, stapler and glue thermogun. All manufactured items must be mounted on a tape, durable thread or fishing line.






Crafts look original. The use of crepe paper excites fantasy, and there are a lot of options for realization - it can be lanterns, rings large and small, bright multi-colored stripes, chains and geometric shapes (triangles, squares, rhombuses), flowers. Chains can be collected from:

  • rings;
  • figure elements;
  • links of different sizes and shapes.

To create a chain you need to make patterns, then the decorations will look neat. But a magnificent flounce of corrugation will turn out if you strung a wide spiral-like strip onto a thread and assemble it.
It is fun, fun and interesting to make garland of crepe paper with your own hands.




Garlands of other materials as decoration for the interior

For the manufacture of volumetric figures will need:

  • cloth or patches;
  • woolen and nylon threads;
  • cotton wool or synthetic winterizer.

Garlands of pompons decorate the interior of the bathroom, bedroom and nursery. Products can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on what you need to get the final effect. It is easy to make soft balloons of cotton wool or padding polyester. Round elements are formed in the palms with rotational motions, after which they are strung on a thread with the help of a large “gypsy” needle. You can give them brightness and uniqueness using spray paint cans. It is better to cover crafts for the Christmas tree with colors of pearl and fluorescent effect.



The garland of leaves is unique. This craft can be used as a decorative element. Different leaves (yellow, red, orange and green) allow you to create amazing compositions and tastefully complement the interior. It is not difficult to make a ball of maple leaves. The craft of such balls will look gorgeous in the kitchen, in the children's room, on the balcony, in the summer gazebo or on the terrace.

If the room is small and low, then decorative elements strung on a fishing line or thread should hang down and in no case be placed horizontally.




Advantages and disadvantages

A garland made of colored paper has certain advantages - this is an original hack:

  • allowing to develop imagination and ability to create with your own hands;
  • uniting around children and adults;
  • suitable for any holiday.

It is not enough to know how to make a garland of corrugated paper, you need to properly fold products and store. Paper crafts are short-lived, so that they are more resistant to mechanical stress, you should use high-quality and thick paper. Careful storage will allow you to use crafts for more than one season.