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Orange living room (18 photos): beautiful combinations in the interiors


Living room, made in orange color, as well as the kitchen, can automatically improve the mood and make communication between people more friendly. It is considered that in such an interior creative people feel best. But those who want their lives to be filled with positive and enthusiasm will choose this color. The thing is that the orange combines the invigorating effects of red and yellow. Therefore, as well as the orange kitchen, the living room, made with the use of such shades, will inspire you, charge with new ideas and cheerfulness.

There are no cool shades of orange. After all, it is simply created so that warmth and comfort reign in the interior of the living room. The most famous shades of this color are carrot, orange, coral, amber, peach, pumpkin, brick, apricot, rust, etc. There are both calm and bright shades, which allows you to choose the right option for yourself. If you plan to design a neutral living room, you should arrange it in apricot, peach or orange-brown tones. In an aggressive interior, orange shades of orange are more relevant.

But you should not get involved too much, because too many saturated colors will cause irritation and emotional exhaustion. It is better to decorate the walls and pick up curtains and furniture in such a way as to cause associations with the fire of the hearth, which has a calming effect.

Orange color in the palette is considered the warmest. And he does not lose his warmth, no matter what colors he combines in the interior. Naturally, the design can be made more or less hot by playing with shades of orange, but it will not change its temperature position. That is why its use is important in a cold climate, because the living room in orange tones will look sunny and warm even in wet or cool weather. But if the room comes out on the sunny side, then you should be careful with the orange color, so as not to make the interior too hot.



Combination with green

At the sight of such a combination, the image of an orange tree emerges in my head. It wins due to the fact that it looks more comfortable and unobtrusive than, for example, the union of orange and red. Green kitchen has to improve appetite. This approach can be used in the living room, if the kitchen is combined with it or the living room is used as a dining room.

With orange, here you can not limit yourself by filling out the walls with it. But the accent details, such as curtains, sofa, dining chairs and other furniture or picture frames are best done in shades of green. Curtains is better to issue in white.



Living room design in orange brown

This combination looks very harmonious and balanced. If you want the design of the room, regardless of whether it is a living room or a kitchen, it is not just warm and cozy, but also energetic. There will be no disharmony in such a living room, because any shades of orange are combined with a chocolate color. Often use orange as accents in the brown interior. For example, a brown sofa goes well with a wall painted orange.

Orange living room is created according to a certain plan. Since this color should be used with caution, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • If there is too much natural light in the room, then you should not use orange as the main color. Those. wallpapering such colors all the walls would be impractical. It is better to arrange the room with a small orange sofa or pick up curtains of a softer shade;
  • If the living room is too hot in the warm season, then orange tones should not be carried away, because because of it the sense of stuffiness increases. It is for this reason that the kitchen in orange tones is rarely made out;
  • If you combine the living room with the bedroom, then the orange color here is better to use at a minimum. After all, this active color just will not let you sleep;
  • When making a narrow living room, orange should be used only in details, for example, curtains or upholstery of chairs. After all, this color visually narrows the space. This point should be taken into account when designing the kitchen room, especially if the kitchen is located in a Khrushchev house and does not have a large area;
  • It should competently choose the shade of this color, developing the design of the living room. After all, the "mood" of the room in which you will receive guests depends on this.