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Choosing a chandelier for the bathroom (20 photos): beautiful examples


General rules, how to light a bathroom, perhaps, does not exist. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the owners, the size and style of the room. One option is a chandelier for the bathroom. If the design style in the bathroom allows you to equip the ceiling with a chandelier, then you can install it as a single light source, or combine it with a lot of spotlights or with other light sources. You can choose the classic versions of the chandeliers, or arrange the interior in a different style. Chandelier in the bathroom can be not only a beautiful element of the decor, but also qualitatively perform its direct function - to fill the space with light.

In the bathroom there is often an increased moisture content in the air, which is a very powerful argument when choosing a chandelier for the bathroom. First, water and electric current is a dangerous company, so you need to be aware of some of the parameters of luminaires when purchasing them:

  • Each ceiling lamp has moisture-proof indicators, which are necessarily indicated on its packaging.
  • 12 volts is the least dangerous voltage for a person.




Any suspended ceiling construction should be a harmony of space. As a rule, in the classic version the lamps are hung in the center of the ceiling. If the chandelier is small, then wall and pendant lamps will help to complete the picture of light.




To quickly find a solution to the issue of decorating the ceiling in the bathroom with light devices, it is first necessary to study their styles. You will reduce the time to choose a suitable illuminator knowing that suits you.

  • Chandelier in the style of a classic. In the classic style of chandeliers you will find symmetrical shapes, some antique beauty, accuracy of forms and reliability. As a rule, the classic style implies expensive materials of the lamp: crystal, porcelain, leather, fine silk fabrics, semi-precious or ornamental stones. Most often when using the term "classical chandelier" is meant a chandelier of crystal. What is important: with an abundance of expensive materials, they are all used sparingly. The silhouettes are elegant and simple, details do not clutter the big picture. Classic is a stylish product with no frills.
  • High-tech style (in translation - high technology) due to manufacturability, simplicity and perfect functionality. The materials in the high-tech style are plastic, metal and glass. Straight lines and forms, the absence of any kind of jewelry, constructivism of forms are features characteristic of the high-tech style. In this style, the use of LED lights will be justified. Unlike what ceiling chandeliers look like, the tone of the bathroom interior will change. LED pendant lights in the style of the production workshop give a cleaner light. LED lamps are much more economical. In size and shape, they can be as diverse as the classic ones.
  • Art Deco chandeliers are real art. Bathroom and chandelier, made in this style add a showiness and luxury style. Stylized images prevail over natural motifs. Art Deco is a permanent celebration, refinement and well-being.
  • The Art Nouveau style is a symbolism of images, unexpected materials are combined here, emphasis is placed on the geometry and interlacing of forms. In Art Nouveau style, lamps and chandeliers look like works of art. Modern is designed to convey the mood of our century.

Chandeliers are also divided into ceiling and pendant. Obviously, the ceiling light should be used where the ceiling height is small. In such a ceiling, as in the suspension, there may be several lamps.