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Aged furniture: create an atmosphere of comfort (32 photos)


Aged furniture is an original solution, which is increasingly used by designers. In the interiors of cafes, clubs and restaurants, antique furniture has already become a familiar element. And all because of the fact that each institution it helps to create its own special look, the owners can not resist.



Also, artificially aged furniture decorates country houses. Agree that any cottage interior will become more interesting if it looks like a picture from an old book.

Designers have more than one year of preference for furniture made from natural materials. This is due to the fact that this material has a lot of useful properties:

  • It harmonizes easily with all colors.
  • Used absolutely in any style.
  • Makes absolutely any atmosphere comfortable.
  • Not out of fashion.

A special niche is furniture made from aged wood. It differs not only high quality, but also the unique appearance. Antique products have an inexplicable charm and mystery. They carry in themselves the mysteries of the past, therefore, with age they become more and more valuable. This makes them a real exclusive.



Aged furniture in different styles

Designers use semi-antique wooden furniture to create an interior of various stylistic trends.

Sometimes the situation is strictly maintained in the framework of one concept in order to convey the true features of the chosen time. And it happens that an aged product is used as an accent. For example, a chest in the old style can stand out against the background of a modern interior.

Such a contrast attracts attention and gives the room originality.



Provence-style furniture will make any home cozy and add a peculiar rustic charm. The color palette includes delicate pastel colors that can be diluted with bright accessories to add richness. You can also paint furniture patterns with floral motifs.



Things from an aged wood will unobtrusively show others that the owner of the house is a person with exquisite taste. In addition, the old furniture is worth a lot of money, which means it will indicate the material wealth of the owner. Both the high position of a person in society and his freedom-loving outlook on life are demonstrated.

Country music

Style whose name translates as "rustic." Most often it is used, making out kitchens and dining rooms. Distinctive features of the furniture of this style - a rough surface, clear lines of regular shape, semi-antique furniture or in fact old, roughly knocked down.



Rough and simple style looks very unusual.

Aged furniture helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and peace, as in the mountain hills. In addition to furniture, beams on the ceiling are also aged.

You also need a wooden floor covering with imitation of old age.



Where to get antique furniture?

There are several options for answering this question:

  1. If finances allow, then any antique shop will offer several options for such furniture. But since these things are exclusive, not everyone can afford them.
  2. Buy modern furniture that was specially artificially aged. This item also requires financial investments, although not as large as the previous one.
  3. To find the furniture of the past century from the grandmothers or in the country, and then age it yourself. If nothing suitable was found, you can buy inexpensive items in a commission shop or a regular store, and then make your own unique masterpieces with your own hands.



How to age the furniture yourself?

Anyone can make old furniture with their own hands. You have bought or found some piece of furniture. It is desirable that it was inexpensive furniture from raw pine. This tree has soft wood, which makes it easier to create relief. Furniture and chipboard.



For the aging process at home to be successful, you need to buy a sanding pelt, paint (the shade you want), a good brush (so that the villi do not fall out), a clear alkyd-based varnish and calco paste.



How to start modifying?


If the item is new, then you will not have to wipe it off with dirt. Otherwise, remove all dirt from the surface. Next, armed with sanding paper, remove the falling off pieces of paint and varnish. Do not be afraid if it partially remains.

Even one aged thing in the house will help to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Antique furniture will undoubtedly please the eyes of the owners and delight guests.