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Swedish style in the interior - Stockholm chic (24 photos)


Karl Larson is the man who inspired the Swedish style. Back in 1880, the artist designed his small dwelling with a light-colored finish unusual for Stockholm, minimally diluting white with bright colors. Since then, this Scandinavian trend of interior fashion has spread throughout the world. People appreciated its refined simplicity, freshness and spaciousness. And over the years, the number of fans of this style only increases.



Signs of style

The Swedish interior has the following stylistic features:

  • Minimalism and simplicity of design.
  • Replacement curtains for blinds.
  • Walls, floor, ceiling of light shades.
  • Mostly wooden furniture.
  • Colorful pillows and bedspreads on the sofas.
  • Carpets of small sizes.
  • Large floor vases decorated with unusual painting.
  • Landscapes or mirrors on the walls.
  • Many light sources.
  • Live plants in white pots.

The Swedish interior is distinguished by its special white palette, which visually expands the boundaries of the premises and helps to improve the emotional state of the inhabitants of the house.

A distinctive feature of the kitchen is the minimum set of furniture. Residents of Sweden are very unpretentious, so they completely have enough of the dinner table, comfortable chairs and a kitchen.

The color of the furniture is white, but sometimes the table can be contrasted with a natural brown or gray color.

Chairs are often not classic wooden, but quite modern, made of plastic.



Walls are usually painted white with moisture-resistant paint so that they can be washed as they become soiled. On the windows or strict white blinds, or their absence. Flowering plants in plain pots on the windowsill - the main element of the kitchen decor. Wall pots, decorative plates and chic chandeliers in the style of palace candlesticks are also used to decorate the room.

On the decoration of the house you already know, now it remains to discuss how to fill the room. Against the backdrop of white walls set the same color sofa. It can be covered with a colorful blanket or randomly scatter many bright pillows over it. Chairs should choose a little darker in color, just a few tones. A furniture ensemble to add a white coffee table. It can be of any shape.



Lay the carpet on the floor. Its color should not be contrasted, it should be in harmony with pieces of furniture. Occasionally it is chosen in the tone of a colorful rug.

Decorate the living room with paintings or photographs in inconspicuous light frames, floor painted vases and lamps with unusual lampshades. Also, often the interior of a small apartment is visually expanded due to mirrors hanging on the walls.



Interior swedish bedrooms

Bed - the main element of the situation of the Swedish bedroom. Light walls and flooring can be varied bed natural color. But it will look great and snow-white bed. The same with the rest of the furnishings: they can be natural brown or bleached. So the bedroom looks fresh and tender.



Comfort and comfort in the room is added with the help of decor. On the floor, you can put a soft carpet of a small size, put a pot with a live flower on the bedside cabinet, and decorate the dressing table with a vase with a fragrant bouquet. The original solution would be a wicker chair or laundry basket. No less attractive will look like blinds made of straw.



Swedish bathroom

Swedish bathroom interior design implies perfect order. The room must look uninhabited, stylish and strict. It is unacceptable to place cosmetics and other trifles in prominent places, all this should be hidden in the shelves of the headset.



The background of the finish is predominantly white, but it is permissible to dilute it with black or gray. The windows are already familiar and comfortable blinds. Mostly plumbing rectangular shape.



You can add colors with bright towels or lamps. You can decorate the room with a small vase with one large or several small flowers. Refinement will emphasize a large mirror of unusual design.