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Chairs from the array: the luxury and elegance of form (24 photos)


Chairs are a constant attribute of any room. Not everyone can afford to buy exclusive solid wood chairs with a robust design and original design, but if they appeared in the house, they will serve for decades, delighting with beauty, comfort and coziness.



Features of solid wood

The main difference in the manufacture of furniture from solid wood from the manufacture of other materials is the absence of additional impurities that affect the quality of raw materials. Made of solid wood chairs complement the interior favorably, giving it elements of luxury. Wooden furniture, including solid wood chairs, is valued for its energy, which has a positive effect on people's health and emotional state.

For thousands of years furniture was traditionally made of wood. Chairs from the massif have a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Naturalness Environmentally friendly material helps to restore the strength and energy of people.
  • Reliability and durability. Wooden chairs are especially appreciated for the long period of operation. The strength characteristics of solid wood chairs are significantly higher than those of cheaper fiberboard and other materials.
  • Kudos. In addition to the strength and reliability of wooden chairs look respectable and noble, even the kitchen.

In addition, solid wood chairs, especially kitchen chairs, create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room.



Types of array for the basics

Wooden chair, of course, suitable for any interior. However, choosing furniture, it is necessary to take into account that each tree has its own, distinct from other qualities.

For the manufacture of light furniture is considered the most appropriate array of beech. Accessories are usually produced from solid pine. The most durable material for the production of furniture from the array is oak.




Chairs from solid pine are the most inexpensive option from many others. Pine differs from other trees in its pleasant yellowish color and light aroma of resin, which remains for a long time even after processing and painting the chair. Pine has an aesthetic appearance, so it is not always painted, only covered with a protective layer of varnish.

The resinousness of the tree has healing properties, especially useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Pitch does not allow a tree to rot, protects from influence of moisture and temperature differences. Thanks to the resin, chairs and other furniture made of solid pine does not crack or change.

The disadvantage of wooden chairs made of pine is their sensitivity to even light mechanical damage. For this reason, such chairs from solid pine should sometimes be painted or primed.

For the production of chairs and other furniture from solid wood there is a special technology with its own intricacies. Special technical equipment and special skills are used. Careful selection of wood is considered one of the most crucial stages. Drying is performed, then the round timber is dismissed on the boards, dried again and cut into blanks.



When assembling the first type of chairs after all the elements have been cut out, products with spikes and nests are assembled into a frame that includes front, rear and side blocks. Details of the chair must be cleaned and glued. Seats attached with glue or screws.



In the production of the second type of stool with stooping legs, first legs and proocks are attached to the seat, then parts of the panel board or lattice back are assembled. The backrest is fixed to the seat with dowels.



Using various methods of processing the array, you can make a variety of jewelry in the form of carvings, linings, to make semi-antique chairs with curly and curved shapes. You can make a chair with armrests of the array, ergonomic different. Masters can "age out" the array, apply gloss on it or make it matte.